BLACKPINK members and their different vibes in bright orange hair

What happens when the members of BLACKPINK all dye their hair a bright orange? 

The idol group BLACKPINK is well-known for being trendsetters with their chic and luxurious appearances. Alongside the group’s choice of fashion, the public also pay close attention to their makeup and hairstyles.

As Kpop idols, BLACKPINK members have tried out many different hairstyles and hair colors. Most noticeable, they have all had bright orange hair – a color that can severely darken one’s skin tone. So, how exactly did BLACKPINK fare in this risky color? 


Recently, Jennie’s orange hair has been all the rage. As the ambassador of Chanel, the idol has undoubtedly created a new hair trend for this summer. With her outstanding visuals and chic appearance, Jennie embraces the orange like a champ. While the bright tone did darken Jennie’s skin, her prettiness has outshine everything else. 


The oldest member of BLACKPINK is most famous for her gentle image which often goes hand in hand with dark hair tones. However, little people know that the idol used to dye her hair a bright orange as well, and looked downright stunning while at it. The orange hair highlighted Jisoo’s fair skin even further, making the idol so cool and elegant, she might as well have stepped straight out of a comic book. If Jisoo adorns this hair color now, there’s no doubt that plenty of people would follow the idol’s steps. 


Before spotting her iconic look in platinum blond, Rosé used to alternate between orange and red hair. At that time, the idol was extremely cute with all her baby fat, but orange admittedly didn’t suit her. Instead, it darkened her skin tone, and drove attention away from her sharp features. 


The newly-debuted Lisa was the queen of bright hair colors, and orange was no exception. With hime hair and blunt bangs dyed in a bright color, Lisa looked like a living Barbie doll that could go from sweet to girlboss in a blink of an eye. In fact, Lisa’s orange hair was so iconic it became a trend at the time, with many people rushing to adorn the same color.  

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