BLACKPINK Jisoo rumoredly bought a shirt from a famous brand for Jung Hae In

The dating rumors between Jisoo and Jung Hae In have resurfaced these days.

Recently, the video clip capturing Jisoo’s images during her time in Paris, France, last week suddenly went viral. In the video, the female singer was seen shopping at a famous fashion brand’s store on July 14th.

Notably, on the evening of July 20th (KST), Jung Hae In was spotted wearing a shirt from the same fashion brand when attending the VIP premiere of the movie “Smugglers” at the Megabox COEX cinema in Seoul. Thus, speculations arose that Jisoo might have bought the shirt as a gift for the male actor, causing a buzz across social media. However, many fans also believe that this might be just a coincidence.

The female idol stepped out of the store with a radiant and happy face. Afterwards, she warmly waved to her fans before leaving.
jung hae in
A few days later, Jung Hae In was seen wearing a from that fashion brand.

Prior to this, the rumored couple was spotted outside Megabox COEX cinema. Media outlets and netizens started speculating that the two were attending the event together but deliberately walked separately on the red carpet to avoid attention. Although the two stars did not interact with each other, just their presence at the same location was enough to stir up the online community and spark discussions.

jung hae in jisoo blackpink
Two artists were spotted outside the movie theater.

Jisoo and Jung Hae In had explosive on-screen chemistry in the popular TV series Snowdrop (2021). This led to multiple speculations about their real-life relationship. Until now, both Jisoo and Jung Hae In have remained silent regarding the dating rumors.

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