BLACKPINK Jennie’s Completely Different Vibes Next to Two Male Idols at Love Your W Event  

BLACKPINK Jennie and her moments at Love Your W make waves on social media

Jennie isn’t called “Korea’s no. 1 it girl” for nothing – every little thing about her trends effortlessly. Jennie recently came back from England after getting awarded an honorary MBE and then showed up at the Love Your W event on November 25th. There, she had some buzzworthy interactions.

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Being an introvert, Jennie’s usually not all that public, even with her celeb friends. So, Love Your W was one of those rare occasions where Jennie was all open with her friends. It wasn’t just the moments of Jennie with supermodel Ho Jung and actress Moon Ga Young that drew attention; her moments with two male idols created a stir too.

blackpink jennie

Jennie’s different aura next to Woodz (Cho Seungyoun) and TXT’s Soobin got fans excited. If Jennie’s oozing “slay” vibes next to Woodz, then her interaction with Soobin is unexpectedly adorable. Jennie’s gummy smile brimming with positive energy melts fans’ hearts.

blackpink jennie

A video of Jennie having a chat with TXT’s Soobin went viral. Even though it was just fleeting, the moment took over all social media. It’s been two weeks since Love Your W, but the hype around Jennie is still alive. 

The posts from this event are bringing back the buzz around Jennie’s cute moments with other celebs. This isn’t the first time Jennie has drawn attention by standing next to male stars. Back at the Chanel event in early 2023, Jennie and Park Seo Joon had everyone talking with their interactions. 

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