Rosé (BLACKPINK) is met with a painful injured but her solution is impressive!

Even though Rosé encountered an accident, she is still the talk of the town for her professionalism.

BLACKPINK recently finished their concert in Australia with the final night in Sydney as a part of their world tour “In Your Area”. Even though some accidents have happened during the show but all 4 girls was complimented for their professionalism. A fancam of Rosé which shows her fast reaction to an incident is spreading in the BLINK community and left them in utter admiration.

Specifically, during her stage with BLACKPINK, Rosé accidentally sprained her ankle. On the fancam, it can easily be seen that the main vocal’s ankle was hurt. However, she just stumbled for a moment and didn’t let the accident affect their performance. She immediately regained her balance and acted as if nothing had happened.

Rosé’s professionalism and quick solution left her fans in utter admiration. However, many are hurt by seeing Rosé in quite a painful injure but still had to swallow the pain and continue the performance without letting her accident affected the other members.

Sources: k14

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