BLACKPINK Jennie look-alike appears on “Single’s Inferno 3”

Dex, who joined Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno 3” as an MC, raised expectations by mentioning a participant with outstanding visuals

On Nov 27th, the official teaser video for “Single’s Inferno 3” was posted on the online channel “Netflix Korea”. The “Single’s Inferno” series is a reality entertainment program where individuals trapped on a deserted island form relationships and escape.

Following his participation as a participant on “Single’s Inferno 2”, Dex is now active as an MC in season 3. In the teaser video, he mentioned a female participant, “She looks like (BLACKPINK) Jennie.” Other MCs also agreed that she resembles Jennie.

The mentioned participant had long hair and wore a red dress. Although only her back was shown, the resemblance to BLACKPINK Jennie is already sparking curiosity.

In addition, the presence of basketball player Lee Kwan-hee among the male participants surprised viewers. Netizens expressed various reactions such as “It’s really Lee Kwan-hee“, “Lee Kwan-hee’s remarks are bold… ‘Wanna sleep together?’” and “It’s fatal.”

Lee Kwan-hee expressed confidence, “Season 3 will be better than seasons 1 and 2. All thanks to me.” Seeing this, Dex said “He’s a bit too much“, causing laughter. In season 2, Dex gained the nickname “Flirting Man” for his charming qualities that captured women’s hearts, establishing himself as a rising star through various broadcasts.

The eagerly anticipated “Single’s Inferno 3”, which is heating up viewers only through the official teaser, will be available exclusively on Netflix starting Dec 12th.

Source: Nate

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