BLACKPINK fans mass emailed Korean media to demand articles for clarifying the dating rumor of Jisoo and Son Heung-min

Fans got steamed up after the dating rumor of Son Heung-min (29 years old) and BLACKPINK Jisoo (26 years old) arose.

Rumors have been spread among fans claiming Son Heung-min and Ji-soo are likely to be dating. They pointed out that Jisoo went to watch the match of Tottenham, Son Heung-min’s team, in London a few years ago. Moreover, both were recently caught arriving at the airport at the same time.

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 On October 10th, BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, issued a statement, saying, “We want to clarify that all the dating rumors related to BLACKPINK Jisoo are groundless assumptions.”

As rumors were exaggerated and retold in the wrong way, overseas fans decided to take action. They sent hundreds of e-mails to the media sites with the same content, saying, “We demand articles to explain the fake dating rumor of BLACKPINK Jisoo”. It is said that reporters have received more than 400 e-mails so far.

jisoo blackpink son heung min email

Most of the senders were BLACKPINK fans, and they all wrote the same content. They asked the media to issue articles to explain that this dating rumor is not true. It seems like the mail was written by one person and shared with others. In particular, most requests were sent from fans in Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, and China.

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