BLACKPINK amazes everyone with their popularity and explosive fanchant at the live performance in France

The recent stage of the 4-member girl group BLACKPINK in France astonished global K-pop fans.

On January 25th, BLACKPINK made headlines with their appearance next to famous names at the charity gala concert hosted by the First Lady of France Brigitte Macron. The girl group showcased a brand new performance of their hit songs “Shut Down” and “Pink Venom” with an orchestra. Collaborating with a grand orchestra and the world-famous violinist Daniel Lozakovich, BLACKPINK overwhelmed viewers with their charms, proving their value as a top K-pop girl group. After the broadcast on January 28th, the public was once again impressed by the amazing fanchant of the audiences during BLACKPINK’s performance and the huge popularity of the 4 girls in France.

BLACKPINK staged “Shut Down” with an orchestra in France

BLACKPINK members already have enough confidence and skills to perform at such a big event in front of many powerful figures. The girl group left a good impression by preparing a nice remix version, showing off their unique charm and arousing explosive fanchant at the gala concert hosted by the First Lady of France. With their solid vocals, the members sang live 100% and presented eye-catching choreographies. BLACKPINK once again certified their presence in the global music market as a global girl group. 

BLACKPINK’s explosive performance 
BLACKPINK members captivated viewers with their auras

The performances of Rosé and Jennie gained favorable reviews from netizens. The main vocalist and main rapper of BLACKPINK did their parts so well and perfectly digested all the high notes and impressive rap. In addition, the luxurious yet elegant stage outfits of the 4 girls also received compliments. 

Viewers poured out praises for Rosé’s powerful vocal 
Jennie shone with both her excellent rap skills and stage expressions
BLACKPINK’s beautiful stage costumes also drew admiration

BLACKPINK is already so well-known globally but fans were still surprised to hear the enthusiastic cheers from the audiences in France. Fanchant for BLACKPINK’s performance at the gala show was as loud as that in any concert of the girls. Everyone at the venue enjoyed the stage and sang along to all the songs even in the parts with Korean lyrics. Famous stars who attended the event also danced excitedly to BLACKPINK’s performance. BLACKPINK’s hot popularity once again shocked netizens around the world.

BLACKPINK is currently one of the biggest K-pop groups

Korean netizens reacted:

– BLACKPINK is so famous in France. The fanchant was so loud. Foreign fans can even shout the fanchant and sing along to their Korean songs. This is the first time I heard such a loud fanchant

– BLACKPINK’s live vocals are amazing and the Korean fanchant was unbelievable

– Other artists also cheered for the girls enthusiastically. French BLINKs sang even the Korean lyrics. How amazing!!!

– BLACKPINK is so famous in Europe. So cool!!! Please do more concerts

– I’m living in England and I can make sure that BLACKPINK is very famous here. Nearly half of my friends know the group

– All the celebrities and performing artists at the show were shocked by the fanchant

Source: K14

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