BIGBANG topped the music charts with their comeback song, gaining keen attention from foreign media

BIGBANG proved the unchanging power of music with the new song “Still Life” (Spring Summer Autumn Winter), the first song they released after 4 years of break.

Bigbang-Still Life

BIGBANG released the digital single ‘Spring Summer Autumn Winter (Still Life)’ at 00:00 on the 5th. As soon as it was released, the song rocked the worldwide chart by topping the iTunes charts in 33 regions and taking the #1 place on the real-time charts of Melon, QQ Music, and Line Music, the largest music sites in Korea, China, and Japan.

Still Life

Fans around the world were delighted for the “return of the king”. Less than an hour after the song was released, ‘#BIGBANG_STILLLIFE‘ rose to the top of Twitter’s worldwide trend, and ‘#BigBangTodayComeback‘ boasted overwhelming popularity by occupying the hottest keywords on Weibo, China’s largest community.

Although this is a Korean song, it still conquers global music lovers. No language barrier can stop them. Although it is a song with great poetic metaphor and narrative power, not intense performance or colorful music, the deep emotional lines of the members in the beautiful melody were conveyed intact, touching the hearts of global fans.

Still Life

It is the power of sincerity and empathy. Fans, along with BIGBANG, remembered “cried and laughed boys and girls”, “glorious and loving days” (in the lyrics of “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter”) and welcomed a new four seasons for them to unfold.

Above all, another promise from Big Bang penetrated the hearts of fans. Big Bang‘s commitment to “change and become better people than before” is a confession and declaration of how they will exist in the future. And it showed the positivity of “After the rain, instead of sadness comes a happy end.”

Still Life

The sound of ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (Still Life)’ approaches warmer and grander as it brings comfort and hopes to fans. Taeyang‘s beautiful vocals made your ears flutter from the start, Daesung‘s powerful vocals connected them and G-Dragon and TOP‘s unique rapping doubled the solid narrative and emotion of “Spring Summer Autumn Winter (Still Life).”

Not only music fans but also major foreign media such as Rolling Stone, NME, and Vogue in the U.S. paid attention to Big Bang‘s return. Rolling Stone said, “Big Bang returns to remind the world why they’re K-Pop Legends,” saying, “Still Life is a masterpiece that provides both faint sadness and brilliant hope.”

Still Life
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