Big Hit gives up on a persistent confrontation with fans: The movie ‘YOUTH’ about the BTS universe returns with an important change

After a period of stopping filming, the BTS universe movie ‘YOUTH’ has resumed recording with a big change

In October 2020, Big Hit confirmed that the movie ‘YOUTH’ created from BTS Universe (BU – BTS Universe) had completed all stages of casting and was ready to start filming.  In addition to announcing the identities of the 7 young actors who will play the 7 members of BTS, Big Hit has also announced the producer, director, and screenwriter of the film.

However, right after the information about the movie’s content was announced, ‘YOUTH’ caused a wave of controversy among BTS fans.  Accordingly, Big Hit decided to use the birth names of 7 BTS members as character names in the movie.  This is considered by fans as disrespect and distorting the private life of the members.

Accordingly, ‘YOUTH’ is a fictional movie, and every detail in the life of the characters in fiction.  This is not a movie about the real-life of each member.  Therefore, the use of 7 names Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook corresponding to 7 characters is said to take advantage of BTS’s reputation to attract attention to the film. 

According to the BTS universe (BU), most characters have complex life contexts.  Because of these details, many people are not satisfied when the movie uses the members’ real names, not even the stage name.  This will cause many people to misunderstand and adversely affect the family of each member.

However since some details of the movie were released in mid-October 2021, hardly any news of ‘YOUTH’ has appeared anymore.  Then the media reported that because of controversy regarding the members’ real names, ‘YOUTH’ had to stop filming.  During that time, the ARMY fandom continued to send emails to protest Big Hit using the members’ real names for a fictional movie.

Big Hit gives up on a persistent confrontation with fans: The movie 'YOUTH' about the BTS universe returns with an important change

It is not until today (April 7) that the news related to ‘YOUTH’ has reappeared.  Accordingly, the movie continued to record and there was an important change when Big Hit decided not to use BTS’s real name.  Instead, they will use fictional names as suggested by the fans.

The film producer hopes that there will be no more confusion, and emphasizes that ‘YOUTH’ is a film that is completely unrelated to the artists’ private lives.  Instead, the film wants to convey the story of school life and the growth of 7 characters.  Currently, the movie’s release date has not been confirmed.

Source: tinnhac

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