NewJeans, flash mob performance “Super Shy” following “Hype Boy” challenge

The sound source and music video of the new song “Super Shy” by girl group NewJeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein) were released worldwide at 1 PM on July 7th (KST).

The music video of “Super Shy”, a pre-released song and one of the triple title songs of the 2nd mini-album “Get Up”, creates a spectacular scene of NewJeans members and various people dancing together and becoming one. In various spaces in Portugal, including square, park, street and market, NewJeans and unspecified people perform a large-scale group dance. When the song is over, the way they go back to daily life as if nothing happened reminds viewers of a flash mob.


In terms of performance, this is the style that NewJeans shows for the first time. They made it easy for everyone to follow through repetitive movements based on the basic waacking dance moves. The song makes everyone sway to the jersey club rhythm and exciting beat. NewJeans’ healthy and harmless energy stands out in the way they enjoy and dance with people. You can also get a glimpse of the “narrative together” that they have continued since their debut.

The members’ sophisticated visuals are also eye-catching. They showed the aspect of “Gen Z icon” by presenting various high-teen styles with blonde hair and bridge hair. While keeping NewJeans’ natural charm, a new styling was added to give them a different look from before.


NewJeans will hold the “ImSuperShy” dance challenge on YouTube Shorts from today (July 7th). YouTube introduced NewJeans through their blog, “NewJeans is a superstar that recorded 1.8 billion views on YouTube and topped 20 countries/regions around the world in less than a year since their debut. As a group representing ‘Gen Z’, they were selected as artists for this global campaign.


Along with “Super Shy”, another pre-released song “New Jeans” was also unveiled on the same day. With the song of the same name as the team name, you can get a glimpse of NewJeans’ confidence. The music video of “New Jeans”, which was released at midnight, brought a different kind of pleasure by collaborating with Cartoon Network’s “The Powerpuff Girls”. As of 1 PM on July 7th, this music video exceeded 3.59 million views on YouTube, ranking first on the YouTube “Trending” chart for “rapidly rising videos” in the United States, the world’s largest pop market, as well as in Korea. It also ranked high on the YouTube “Trending” chart for “rapidly rising videos” in 19 countries/regions around the world.

NewJeans’ 2nd mini-album “Get Up”, which contains a total of 6 songs, will be released at 1 PM on July 21st.

Source: Daum

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