BIG BANG’s Taeyang Confessed On Daesung’s Show, “Drank coffee for the first time in the military. It was my only happiness”

Taeyang recalled his military service days in the recent episode of “DAESUNG out of his house”

In the latest episode of BIG BANG Daesung’s YouTube show “DAESUNG out of his house,” which was released on the afternoon of April 19th, Taeyang featured as a guest along with other celebrities to talk about their military days.

“I was a trainee, and the reason I wanted to do it was because the executive bought me a drink from outside,” actor Joo Won, who was also a guest on the show, said, recalling his military days. “I wanted to drink americano more than anything else,” he added.


When Taeyang heard this, he confessed, “I first started drinking coffee in the military,” surprising the cast, including Daesung, Joo Won, and Beenzino. He said, “I didn’t drink coffee, but I was sleepy in the morning during my time in the military. I started drinking coffee then, and my only happiness in my military life was having a cup of americano and dessert at PX after lunch.”

Meanwhile, “DAESUNG out of his house” is a talk show with colorful guests invited by Daesung. It will be released every Friday at 6 p.m. on his official YouTube channel.

Source: daum

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