“Bargaining” Hwang Jung Min flustered Hyun Bin by asking, “Didn’t you date Son Ye Jin during ‘Negotiation’?”

Hyun Bin revealed he didn’t date Son Ye Jin during “Negotiation”, the film that marked their first meeting. 

On December 20th, at Megabox Seongsu in Seoul, a press conference for the crime action movie “Bargaining” was held. In “Bargaining”, Hwang Jung Min plays Jung Jae Ho, a diplomat specializing in negotiations who went to Afghanistan to resolve a kidnapping case. Hyun Bin plays Park Dae Sik, an NIS agent specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia who is trying to rescue the hostage at all cost. Kang Ki Young plays Kassim, a Korean who survives in the back alleys of Afghanistan. 


Hyun Bin once played a kidnapper in the film “Negotiation”, in which he worked with his wife, Son Ye Jin, for the first time. He said, “In ‘Negotiation’, I played a kidnapper. But because my character in ‘Bargaining’ is so different from my character in ‘Negotiation’, there is no particular part that my wife Son Ye Jin could give me advice.” In response, Hwang Jung Min suddenly asked, “Didn’t you two date during ‘Negotiation’?” Hyun Bin, who was embarrassed by this question, said, “It wasn’t then. I thought you were a reporter for a moment,” making everyone laugh. 

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“Bargaining”, a film about the abduction of Koreans in Afghanistan in 2007, depicts the negotiating operation between a diplomat and a local NIS agent who went to Afghanistan to rescue Koreans who were held hostage by the Taliban in the worst kidnapping case. Director Lim Soon Rye was in charge. The movie will be released on January 18, 2023.

Source: Nate. 

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