BABYMONSTER Sets New Record in K-pop History with Debut MV 24-Hour Views

BABYMONSTER, with their debut song ‘BATTER UP’ MV, has broken a K-pop record

According to YG Entertainment, BABYMONSTER’s ‘BATTER UP’ MV surpassed 22.59 million views within 24 hours of its release on November 27th. This marks the highest debut MV views in K-pop history within the first 24 hours.

The achievement of BABYMONSTER was anticipated, having surpassed 12 million views within half a day of release and quickly climbing to the top of YouTube’s trending videos. 

Their solid global fan base, built through high-quality covers and a reality YouTube content documenting their debut process, contributed to their success.

Not only on YouTube but also on various global platforms, BABYMONSTER is gaining attention. Topping music video charts on major local streaming sites like Japan’s Line Music and China’s QQ Music, BABYMONSTER secured No.1 on QQ Music’s ‘Music Index Chart,’ a real-time aggregation of fan interactions and streaming.

BABYMONSTER’s popularity extends to music streaming platforms worldwide, with a steady rise on iTunes and reaching number one on the charts in 21 countries. 

Despite being a rookie, BABYMONSTER has even entered the highly competitive music charts of the US and UK, known as the world’s two major music markets.

BABYMONSTER’s impact on the global music market is expected to grow stronger in the future. After setting a milestone for K-pop within a day of debut, anticipation is high for the new history they will create.

BABYMONSTER is YG’s first rookie girl group after BLACKPINK in seven years. All six members are recognized as ‘all-rounders,’ excel in vocals, dance, rap, and visuals. They have been selected by Billboard as a ‘K-pop artist to watch,’ and their official YouTube channel has surpassed 3.54 million subscribers and 500 million views.

Source: daum

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