Park Hyo Joo makes a special appearance in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”… Song Hye Kyo supports by watching live broadcast

Actress Park Hyo Joo made a special appearance in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

Park Hyo Joo made a surprise appearance in episode 14 of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella“, which aired on Nov 27th, as a nursemaid specially added for Grand Prince Seongnam (Moon Sang Min) and Yoon Cheong Ha (Oh Ye Ju)’s hapgung (sleeping together for the first time).

As the couple’s hapgung was delayed and uncomfortable rumors spread around the palace, Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye Soo) set up a strategy for the successful hapgung of the two and called in a special person. Accordingly, Park Hyo Joo, the nursemaid standing in front of Grand Prince and his wife, attracted attention from the first appearance with her charismatic visual and reliable voice.

the Queen's Umbrella Park Hyo Joo

An emergency operation was launch for the hapgung of Grand Prince and his wife, centering around the “hapgung expert” nursemaid. From physical training to keep Grand Prince’s body and mind healthy, health food management to Yoon Cheong Ha’s makeup, the nursemaid’s enthusiastic activities revitalized the drama.

Park Hyo Joo’s delicate acting skills, which brought out the vividness of each scene while taking full advantage of her character’s characteristics, doubled the fun of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

the Queen's Umbrella Park Hyo Joo

Actress Song Hye Kyo drew attention by uploading a picture of her watching the live broadcast with Park Hyo Joo’s special appearance on her SNS.

Meanwhile, Park Hyo Joo is active in various subjects and genres, including Hyun Woo in the movie “Delusion”, Jeon Mi Sook in SBS’ drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” and Hee Jae in tvN’s “The Apartment Is Beautiful”.

Source: Nate

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