Ariana Grande’s new lover betrayed his family, said now-estranged wife?

The now-estranged wife of Ethan Slater, who is supposedly in a relationship with Ariana Grande, has expressed her anger. 

Recently, various media outlets reported that pop star Ariana Grande is currently dating Ethan Slater, who co-stars with her in the movie “Wicked”. However, Slater’s wife, Lilly Jay, has expressed anger, accusing her husband of abandoning their family due to his relationship with Ariane Grande.

In particular, according to American media TMZ, sources close to Lilly Jay stated that she has been devastated over her family being torn apart, and that she believes her husband left the family because of dating Grande. 

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Jay expressed her anger, claiming that their family fell apart while her husband was enjoying romance with Grande.

TMZ also reported that Ariana used to hang out with both Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay while they were still happily married, even liking his Instagram’s tribute to Lilly on Mother’s Day. The news site also reminded readers that Ariana and Ethan’s relationship only started a few months ago.

“The whole thing has left Lilly feeling betrayed and heartbroken”, TMZ claimed, citing their “sources”. 

Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay, who were high school classmates, got married in 2018 and had their first child in August of last year. Until May, they seemed happy, but their marriage seems to have hit a rough patch as Slater and Grande’s romance blossoms. 


Meanwhile, according to US Weekly, an insider revealed, “Ethan sat Lilly down a few days before the news broke about him and Ariana and said that he wanted a divorce. Lilly never saw it coming!”

Another insider, however, explained that Ethan and Ariana got separated from their respective spouses before starting their very recent relationship. 

The two were brought together on the set of the movie “Wicked”, and weren’t shy in front of others, even holding hands in between takes, the same source also claimed. 

On the other hand, Ariana Grande recently broke up with real estate agent Dalton Gomez, just two years after their marriage. It is reported that Gomez still wants to reconcile with Grande, according to a source reported in US Weekly.

Source: US Weekly, TMZ, Daum

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