“Are they a Japanese idol group?” Netizens expressed regret at SM rookie boy group RIIZE’s hairstyle

RIIZE, a boy group introduced by SM Entertainment about 7 years after NCT, entered the countdown to their debut.

On August 17th, RIIZE promoted music platform Melon’s “High-Rising” through the official YouTube channel.

Hi-Rising actively supports marketing and fan promotions of musicians with less than 3 years of experience through various contents.

The video showed 7 RIIZE members, dressed in casual clothes, sitting side by side in 2 rows and greeting fans.

The members amplified expectations by saying, “Please wait a little bit as we can meet at Melon Hi-Rising soon.

Fans expressed their excitement about being able to learn the members’ charms through Hi-Rising, but also pointed out the styling.

Fans said that the members’ unique(?) hairstyles covered their handsome faces.

Perhaps because RIIZE includes a Japanese member, the overall reaction is that they have a Japanese idol vibe.

Netizens expressed regret by leaving comments such as “Change hair salon quickly“, “That’s too much. I’ve never seen anything like this before“…

Meanwhile, the group’s name RIIZE is a name created by combining “Rise”, which means “growth”, and “Realize”, which means “a team that grows together and realizes dreams”.

RIIZE will release the prologue single “Memories” on August 21st and the first single album “Get A Guitar” on September 4th.

Source: Insight

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