Apink’s Chorong: “Won’t Fall for Fund Scam Again, Eager to Try Acting”

On Jan 11th, Apink Chorong guested on Tak Jaehoon’s YouTube channel. 

When asked about acting, Chorong expressed, “I want to try it. So, I’m diligently taking lessons.”

Addressing the question about kissing scenes, she revealed, “Fans want me to do it. They say they hope I take on such projects.” When asked about bed scenes, Chorong replied, “Not yet… I’m still quite shy.”

Chorong, with 14 years in the industry, mentioned Apink’s recent album and playfully sang her part on the spot. When asked about her role in Apink, she humorously answered, “A member.”


Regarding the question about the reduced number of Apink members, Chorong shared, “Even among us, we joke about it. We wonder who will be the last one remaining.” 

Responding to predictions about the next member leaving after Naeun, she said, “I hope no one else leaves. I want to protect and lead Apink.”

Chorong also revisited the story of falling victim to a fund scam a few years ago. Despite being recommended by a fellow member, she admitted it ended up being a fraud. 

Asked if she would invest again, she firmly said, “I won’t invest even if any member suggests it now.”

Expressing dissatisfaction with how people perceive her performances, especially regarding sexiness, Chorong shared, “Despite being the oldest member, dancing sexy or powerful choreography doesn’t make me appear that way. I feel I’m not well-received in that aspect.”

As for future plans, Chorong mentioned preparing for a tour with the remaining five members of Apink.

Source: daum

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