Another girl came forward to expose Lucas (WayV), providing evidence that he had defamed his group’s members

Recently, news and rumors related to NCT Lucas have continuously attracted the attention of netizens.

In recent days, Lucas, a member of WayV and NCT, has made headlines after being denounced by a girl claiming to be his ex-girlfriend. This female, in particular, used Twitter to expose the male idol’s actual personality. The post went viral immediately, sparking a social media firestorm.

Following the accusation of the first girl, other victims also stood up to expose Lucas. Up to now, there have been three girls who are said to be “victims” of the NCT member. 

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Today (August 24), the third girl emerged and opened up about Lucas. Besides the details regarding their relationship, she also revealed a series of shocking details related to his relationship with the group members. According to this girl, Lucas often gossiped about other members behind their backs and even smeared them.

Accordingly, he frequently claimed that his teammates were disobedient, did not work hard, refused to practice, and even that one of them ‘stole’ his ‘resources’ on purpose. Lucas hinted that some members were chosen only on the basis of their appearances and had no real abilities.

Besides, this girl said that Lucas repeatedly expressed his dislike of Keep Running and sometimes, even the brands he used to cooperate with. She also revealed that he often pretended to be sick, so he didn’t have to attend some shows he did not like.

This girl is now promptly supported by netizens as she has disclosed a lot of seem-to-be real evidence. She has provided a whole chat history with him as well as unpublished photos of Lucas. One of them showed him napping, while another showed him (supposedly) hanging out with her.

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Lucas is currently facing a lot of backlashes as he not only treated his girlfriends badly but also looked down on fans and even his bandmates.

On the evening of the same day, Lucas’ biggest fan station in China announced that all of its managers had resigned.

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