Another Footballer & Idol Couple Emerges Following Lee Kang-in & Lee Na-eun, Proof Photos Revealed

Footballer Lee Kang-in and April’s Lee Na-eun were recently reported to have been in a romantic relationship. As both sides denied it, the rumor is expected to end soon. During this time, another dating rumor of a football star and a female idol broke out. This time, the main characters are the national team’s defender Seol Young-woo (Ulsan HD) and April’s Yang Ye-na.

Several posts spread on X (formerly Twitter) and online communities, such as Nate Pann and FORMOS, claiming that Seol Young-woo and Yang Ye-na are dating.

lee kang in lee na eun

A netizen said, “Seol Young-woo, a member of Ulsan Hyundai and the national football team, and Yang Ye-na, a member of the girl group April, are in a romantic relationship. I’m sure people who know about their relationship would know this. Look at their phone cases and hats. They’re using couple items. Aren’t they bragging about their love?”

Another netizen added a photo, saying “He has Yang Ye-na’s name on his shoes”.  The photo shows the English word YENA engraved on the shoes believed to belong to Seol Young-woo.

Some people speculate that Seol Young-woo was the person who connected Lee Kang-in and Lee Na-eun. It is because both Lee Na-eun and Yang Ye-na are April members while Lee Kang-in and Seol Young-woo also have maintained a strong friendship ever since they began to play for the national team together.

lee na-eun lee kang-in

Currently, netizens are pouring comments on the Instagram accounts of Seol Young-woo and Yang Ye-na, saying “Is Yang Ye-na your girlfriend? You two look good together. I hope you have a beautiful love”, “Oh Seol Young-woo…”, “Did April have a group date? Lee Kang-in & Lee Na-eun, Seol Young-woo & Yang Ye-na”, “Ye-na will be having a very hard time, I’m glad there’s someone who endures it with her”, “Isn’t she Seol Young-woo’s girl?”, etc.

Regarding the romance rumors, Seol Young-woo’s team Ulsan HD stated, “We don’t know anything about the personal life of the player”, adding “We have no position to make specifically.  We contacted Yang Ye-na’s agency but couldn’t reach out to them”.

Source: Wikitree

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