Lee Se Young contributed greatly to making a “surplus” for KBS but was neglected and only received Best Couple

As KBS, SBS, and MBC drama awards ended, viewers expressed regret for actors who were not properly recognized despite their good performances.

Lee Se Young, who receive huge love for her appearance as the female lead in “The Law Cafe”, did not attend the 2022 KBS Drama Awards held on December 31st, 2022. Lee Se Young was absent due to personal reasons, while Lee Seung Gi, who played the male lead, showed his face amid the legal dispute with his agency and even took home Daesang (Grand Prize).

lee se young

“The Law Cafe” (written by Im Ji Eun/ directed by Lee Eun Jin) depicts the Law-mance between Kim Jung Ho, a former prosecutor, and Kim Yu Ri, a lawyer with a four-dimensional personality who rents Kim Jung Ho’s building.

As Kim Yu Ri, who is lovely, righteous, and brave, Lee Se Young excited viewers by increasing their immersion. In addition, the actress left a strong impression by showing off her charms with a new image that is different from what she has shown in previous works.

the law cafe

The last episode of “The Law Cafe” recorded 5.2% in Seoul area according to Nielsen Korea and 1.2% in the 2049 chart. With its real-time peak soaring to 6.2%, “The Law Cafe” ended as the most successful Mon-Tue KBS drama by maintaining the No.1 spot on the popularity chart for 16 consecutive times.

As a result, fans raised high expectations that the drama and its cast would win at least 4-5 awards at the KBS Drama Awards. However, was Lee Se Young’s absence the reason? Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi won only two awards in total, which are Best Couple and Lee Seung Gi’s Daesang. However, Best Couple was not a notable award as KBS gave it to various couples.

Lee Se-young Lee Seung-gi

Lee Se Young’s name was not found on the list of award winners even though she was highly praised for maintaining the center of her work with her stable acting skills and leading the story perfectly. Did attendance affect the selection of winners? Lee Se Young performed particularly well this year but received disappointing results.

Lee Seung Gi noticed this regretful point. During his speech for Daesang, the actor said, “I heard ‘The Law Cafe’ was the first work on KBS to make a surplus this year. However, ‘The Law Cafe’ actors seem to be going home empty-handed today.”

Lee Se-young

Everyone knows that award ceremonies don’t choose winners 100% based on how well they acted. This can also be considered the hidden side of award ceremonies. Netizens point out that KBS Drama Awards also selected the actors to be awarded based on “popularity” and “attendance” rather than “acting”. In the public’s heart, Lee Se Young has been recognized as an outstanding actress who showed as valuable as Daesang winner Lee Seung Gi.

Source: Daum

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