“I got sued by singer Henry for writing malicious comments”… How did Korean netizens react to this?

The story of a netizen being sued for leaving malicious comments about singer Henry is drawing keen attention online.

On September 29th, an article titled “I got sued” was posted on an online community. The netizen who wrote it said, “I’ve just received a call from the nearby police station and they said ‘You’ve been sued so we need your attendance’. I was told that an SM singer who is good at violin sued me”.


They continued, “When I heard the content, I knew exactly that it was because of my comment with the word ‘jjangkkae’. I was sued for writing that comment”, adding “Do I really have to go to the police station?”.

Jjangkkae” is known to be a slang word that is used to disparage China and Chinese people.

However, as it was confirmed that the malicious comment that has the disparaging word was made under Henry’s post about his activities in China, this netizen was criticized by other Internet users. 


Recently, Henry was criticized by Korean netizens for his pro-China moves. In October last year, he faced a backlash after posting a video of him playing the song “I Love You China”.

When appearing on Chinese dance entertainment program “Street Dance of China Season 4” together with Han Geng, Wang Yi-bo, and Lay, Henry continued to make Korean netizens angry when he posted “I love Chengdu a lot. See you next time” and a message celebrating China’s National Day. 


Henry, who is 33 years old this year, is known to be the son of a Hong Kong-Taiwanese father and a Canadian mother. Born and raised in Canada, he then debuted as a member of Super Junior M in 2008.

Henry appeared on JTBC’s program “Fly to the Dance”, which ended on the 19th of last month, and made a move to return to Korean entertainment broadcasts.

Source: nate

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