Angelababy sells luxury mansion, abandoned by staff after Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance

After attending BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse Paris, Chinese star Angelababy finds herself in hot water

Chinese star Angelababy has been suffering from heavy losses after attending BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse Paris. In particular, Chinese news site Sina recently reported that the female star’s staff has resigned, and her manager is even looking for a new job. Without the support of manager and staff, Angelababy will find herself in hot water. 

Previously, Ettoday also released an article claiming that Angelababy is in urgent need of selling her luxury mansion in Beijing, which costs 500 million Chinese yuan (about 68 million USD). As this move happened during the actress’ “soft ban” from the Chinese entertainment industry, netizens suspect that Angelababy is facing financial losses as her jobs are disappearing. 


According to Sina, Angelababy is in the process of creating connections with CEOs of luxury brands, and so have appeared at the Crazy Horse performance of BLACKPINK’s Lisa in an attempt to do so. However, she did not expect the heavy backfire from Chinese netizens and the government, leading to heavy consequences .

“Celebrities need to be aware of their positions and actions. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for Angelababy as well as for other (Chinese artists)”, Sina stated .


Previously, Angelababy was heavily condemned by Chinese netizens for attending BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse Paris, yet allegedly attempting to deny her appearance. As a result, the actress was banned from making new posts and comments on the Chinese platform Weibo, and the Chinese broadcasting station CCTV-17 has deleted a video of the actress. Angelababy was also allegedly removed from the cast of variety show “Keep Running” (the Chinese version of “Running Man”) while episodes featuring her are being delayed, and a TV show where the actress appeared as a guest also became a target for harsh comments. 

In addition, Angelababy’s recent works, “Everlasting Longing” and “Back For You”, have also been buried in criticisms, as netizens call for boycott. If these works ended up being delayed, or worse, canceled, the efforts of other actors and creators will also come to dust. 


To make it worse, various brands are considering terminating their contract with Angelababy, with some already removing their ads with the actress from malls. 

So far, there have even been rumors of Angelababy asking for help from her former husband, Huang Xiaoming (Mark Huang), but to no avail. 

Source: ETtoday, Sina, k14

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