All the times stylists came under fire for how they dressed female K-pop idols 

Fans wonder if the stylists hold a grudge against these girl group members. 

Most K-pop idols are known for their pretty outfits in MVs and performances. However, not every member of the group is well-dressed. Cases of one member having to wear a weird or ugly fit compared to the rest of the group are not uncommon. 

Stylists are of course responsible for this problem. Therefore, they often come under criticism from fans whenever they dress idols in clothes that are not fashionable, too flashy, sloppy or too revealing and inappropriate. A member can constantly be the stylist’s “victim” and given the ugliest outfits not once but multiple times, causing fans to voice their frustration and anger. Some even demand the company to have the stylists fired.

Jeongyeon (TWICE)

After a hiatus due to health problems, Jeongyeon resumed her activities at the end of 2021. The side effects of her medications caused Jeongyeon to put on some weight.  However, TWICE’s stylist refused to dress Jeongyeon in outfits that suit her changed body. 

Although Jeongyeon appeared confident on stage, fans still lashed out at the stylist. Fans claim the stylist should have put more effort into picking and customizing outfits that fit Jeongyeon better. 

Fans were mad because Jeongyeon was always the one who had to wear the worst outfits among TWICE members, even before she went on a hiatus.


BLACKPINK is a leading idol group when it comes to fashion, but Lisa is always the member who has to wear the most confusing and odd outfits every time she goes on stage.

At BLACKPINK’s first online concert, while the other members wore sparkly, fitted dresses, Lisa’s outfit was said to look like cabbage. She wore a yellowish green ruffled dress and mismatched green boots.

Another case was at a Ddu-du Ddu-du performance in 2018, Lisa wore an oversized pink suit with a black belt, an outfit that completely covered up her stunning figure. Lisa has had to use her pretty visuals to “carry” the questionable outfits given by the stylist many times, making fans wonder if it was the stylist’s intention to “steal” the spotlight from Lisa


Red Velvet often wears eye-catching and somewhat unique outfits that match their concept and special musicality. However, Yeri is the only member who always has to wear outfits that don’t suit her body at all.

Red Velvet‘s fans have complained that the group’s stylists don’t know how to choose outfits to compliment Yeri’s figure. For example, in one of her outfits during the Really Bad Boy era, fans thought that a crop top with red shorts were a total mismatch. 

While the other members’ outfits flatter their figure, fans claim that Yeri’s vest, skirt, and shoes only draw attention to her broad shoulders, while boots cover up most of her legs and make her look shorter.

Giselle (aespa)

aespa‘s stylist is no stranger to criticism over the group’s outfits. Many times, fans of the group noticed that Giselle is the one who often wears bad outfits.

At an aespa performance, Giselle wore a green crop top with simple black spandex pants. Although the outfits accentuated her figure, they look simpler compared to the other members.

Many fans also expressed their displeasure with aespa’s stylist when they repeatedly let her wear cheaper and more casual-looking clothes than the other 3 members.

Ryujin (ITZY)

Like aespa, ITZY‘s stylist has been criticized many times for the girls’ weird outfits. Specifically, Ryujin is a member who often has to wear the same outfit over and over again.

Fans have repeatedly urged the stylist to dress Ryujin in prettier outfits that do her face and body justice. Although Ryujin follows the girl-crush concept, fans are displeased with the lack of variety in her outfits.

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