Fun fact: Kep1er’s Kang Yeseo has debuted 3 times, from the 2nd to 4th generation of Kpop

The youngest member of rookie girl group Kep1er turns out to be a “pro-debuter”.

In the lineup of Kep1er, Kang Yeseo is perhaps the member with the most lengthy career in the entertainment industry despite being the group’s maknae. Born on August 22, 2005, according to international age, Kang Yeseo only turns 17 years old this year (18 in Korean age). However, not many people are aware that Kep1er is actually not Kang Yeseo’s first girl group. Before that, she already debuted in 2 other girl groups.

kang ye seo


Kang Ye Seo’s first debut was in CutieL, a kid girl group that was launched in 2010 – the era of 2nd generation idols. Their name is a combination of the words “cute” and “angel”. When she was first introduced as a member of CutieL, Kang Yeseo was only 5 years old.


Debuted in May 2017 – the era of 3rd generation idols, Busters is a group that constantly went through changes in members. Kang Yeseo was added to the lineup of Busters in February 2019 to replace Minjung’s position. She was only 14 years old at that time. The first single that she released with this girl group was “Starlight”.

kang ye seo


A year after deciding to leave Busters, not giving up on her dream to become an idol, Kang Yeseo signed up for Mnet’s survival show “Girls Planet 999” as a trainee of 143 Entertainment. From the first episodes, Kang Yeseo was considered a potential contestant to make it into the final debut lineup thanks to her outstanding visuals among the girls of K-GROUP.

kang ye seo

Although she has had 3 debuts through 3 different generations of idols, it was not until her participation in “Girls Planet 999” and debut in Kep1er, that Kang Yeseo has successfully caught the attention of the Korean public. Besides idol activities, Kang Yeseo is also known as a child actress with her appearance in many movies and TV dramas such as “Fighting Family” (2012), “Miracle in Cell No. 7” (2013), “Sprout” (2013), “One Step” (2017), “Diary of a Prosecutor” (2020).

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