Kim Seon-ho’s agency released an official position related to the ‘forced abortion’ scandal

Kim Seon-ho has been rumored to be the actor K who forced his girlfriend to get an abortion. Breaking the long silence, Kim Seon-ho’s side finally released a statement.

On October 19th, Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, finally announced their position after remaining silent for a long time.

kim seon ho

“Hello, this is actor Kim Seon-ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment.

We sincerely apologize for not quickly releasing our position. We are currently investigating the facts related to the anonymous article.

Since the facts have not yet been clearly confirmed, we earnestly ask you to wait a little longer. We sincerely apologize for causing concern and inconvenience.”

As the public and people in the industry are paying keen attention to the case, Salt Entertainment is expected to clarify their position as soon as possible. According to News1, Salt Entertainment said they would release a statement on the same day.

kim seon ho

Meanwhile, after the controversy over Kim Seon-ho’s private life broke out, many advertisers have begun to take action.

On October 18th, the pizza brand “Domino Pizza” made all advertising videos featuring Kim Seon-ho private. After that, Canon Korea and Food Bucket took down all posts related to Kim Seon-ho.

kim seon ho
kim seon ho
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