Ahn Eun-jin and Joy (Red Velvet)’s drama “The One and Only” recorded a disastrous rating of 0%

JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The One and Only”, starring Ahn Eun-jin and Red Velvet Joy, fell to 0% rating.

According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea on December 29th, “One and Only” recorded a nationwide viewership figure of 0.58%.

Falling 0.7% from the last broadcast’s rating (1.3%), the newest episode rating has become the lowest among episodes of “The One and Only” so far. Continuing the downward trend, this is also the first time its rating fell to the 0% range.

The One and Only rating 0%

Upon hearing this news, netizens expressed their regret and left many comments. Internet users on the online community “theqoo” responded, saying “Oh my…”, “Wow, it’s really 0%”, “The main cast is weak, but 0.5% is unacceptable”, “Is it really that boring?”, “What? The drama is quite interesting, though”, “It suddenly decreased by half?”

The One and Only rating 0%

“The One and Only” is a human melodrama telling about 3 women who meet in a hospice and decide to take down one bad person before they die. Through unexpected events, each of them faced with meeting “one person” who is truly precious.

Actors Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Kyung-nam, Kang Ye-won, and Park Soo-young (Joy) were cast, raising high expectations even before its first airing. However, following the previous drama “Idol”, “The One and Only” also recorded 0% rating.

Meanwhile, the drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11 P.M.

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