Agency Refutes Lee Seo-jin’s Involvement In ‘Actor L’ Rumor, “We’ll Take Legal Action Against Defamation”

Lee Seo-jin released a firm position after being called out as actor L in a recent rumor through his agency

On March 1st, Lee Seo-jin’s agency Antenna issued a statement, saying “We have refrained from making responses to the rumor posted in online communities because it’s not true at all”.

They continued, “However, we noticed that malicious acts, slandering, and indiscriminate false information mentioning our actor continue to be posted and spread online. In this situation, we believe that we can no longer overlook the seriousness of the issue. Therefore, we have decided to respond strongly to the spread of malicious rumors that damage our actor’s personality and reputation without leniency or agreement.”

lee seo jin

The agency added, “We will continue to do our best to protect the rights and interests of our artist”.

Earlier, netizen A caused a stir as she made a revelation on an online community under the title, “I was ghosted by actor L”. A said, “I’ve known L for six years and dated him for more than 4 years. Recently, he sent me a text message and unilaterally broke up with me”, adding that the actor took photos of her important body parts. A’s revelation spread wifely on social media and some netizens have speculated that actor L was Lee Seo-jin.
Source: Daum

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