After T-ara Areum’s Accusations, Ex-boyfriend Said He Will Take Legal Actions

Seo, the ex-boyfriend of T-Arab’s Areum, said he would "take care of it well using the law"

T-ara Areum’s ex-boyfriend Seo posted on his Instagram account on April 21st, “My name has been mentioned up and down lately, and it has become an issue a lot of times, so I would like to express my apologies.”

He said, “I’ve seen many articles, YouTube videos, etc. with my own eyes and watched the progress. As a result of checking, there were many misunderstandings and too many excessive contents. I don’t want to respond to them one by one.”

He also announced, “My thoughts after consideration are that I don’t want to create any buzz by reporting them and raising and lowering my name,” and added, “As it’s quietly personal, so I’ll handle these things smoothly using the law.”

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Earlier in December 2023, Areum announced her divorce with her husband and remarriage with Seo at the same time, drawing keen attention from the public. Areum accused her ex-husband of domestic violence and child abuse, saying she is in the middle of a divorce lawsuit with him.

However, Areum and Seo were later accused of swindling more than 40 million won from at least 10 people, including fans and acquaintances, leading to her even attempting to commit suicide.

Areum later announced that she had broken up with Seo, claiming that she had been assaulted and threatened by him and that she had borrowed money from her fans. Areum released a recording of the phone call she received from Seo after leaving the house where she lived with him. In this recording, Seo called himself “the king of the universe” and demanded Areum to “come here right away by taxi,” creating buzz.

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