“It is my bucket list,” Lee Si Young climbed Halla Mountain with her 5-year-old son on her back

Actress Lee Si Young shared the behind-the-scenes story after climbing Mt. Halla with her five-year-old son on her back.

On Jan 23rd, a video titled “Hallasan Yeongsil Course, I Challenged Mountain Climbing To Watch the New Year’s Sunrise with Jung Yoon!” was posted on the YouTube channel “Lee Si Young‘s Sweat LeesiyoungTV.

Lee si young

In the video, Lee Si Young said, “I went up the Yeongsil course of Halla Mountain to celebrate the sunrise of the new year with Jung Yoon. The YouTube director was worried, saying, ‘The Halla Mountain episode is ruined.’ We were actually ready, and I’m fine no matter how hard it is, but Jung Yoon’s condition is difficult for us to predict and we don’t know what variables will occur. I was also nervous,” she shared.

Lee si young
Lee si young

Lee continued, “We went with everything ready. Since I am also a mother, Jung Yoon’s mood was also important to me. I kept asking my son if he was cold. I couldn’t make the necessary comments while climbing because I was focusing only on Jung Yoon.

Regarding the reason why she climbed Halla Mountain with her son, Lee said, “It was my own bucket list. It was quite a vague idea when I said I wanted to go to Halla Mountain with Jung Yoon. In reality, I think I’ll have to wait at least five more years, but I’m old, too. I want to go with Jung Yoon when I still have the energy,” she said adding, “Jung Yoon is now 20kg. If he weighs more than 20kg, I won’t be able to carry him even if I wanted to. So it might be my greed, but I wanted to go. I asked Jung Yoon about 10 times, and he said yes all 10 times,” she explained.

Lee si young
Lee si young

Also, “Jung Yoon even said he wanted to go to Mt. Baekdu. So I tried Halla Mountain first, which is a little less difficult than Baekdu Mountain. We didn’t reach the top, but it was still the happiest day of 2022 to me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” she confessed.

Later videos showed Lee Si Young, who carried her son on her back, climbing Halla Mountain with her YouTube production team on Dec 31st of last year. At that time, Lee Si Young decided to stop and go down the mountain in consideration of her son’s condition as the weather became cold.

Lee Si Young emphasized, “After the trip was over, Jung Yoon told me things like ‘It was so good’, ‘It was fun’, ‘Actually it wasn’t cold’, ‘I want to go to another mountain next time’. I plan to go slowly next time, starting with a low mountain that Jung Yoon can climb up on foot. It’s not like I’m going to force him to do it. If Jung Yoon wants it, if he’s old enough to do it, then we’ll go.”

Earlier on Jan 1st, through Instagram, Lee Si Young posted pictures of her climbing Halla Mountain while carrying her 5-year-old son Jung Yoon on her back. After seeing her post, some netizens commented, “Isn’t this safety ignorance?”, “It’s dangerous”…

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