aespa’s Karina, “There Are Likes And Dislikes About My Visuals”+Winter, “I Don’t Think I’m Pretty”

Karina confessed that there seems to be a lot of “likes and dislikes” about her appearance

On the YouTube channel “M2,” a video titled “What is the unusual habit of each other that aespa’s Karina & Winter know?” was recently posted.

In the video, when asked what her “personality” was like that day, Winter said, “I’m sensitive,” adding, “First of all, I’m sensitive to the weather.” I get cold easily and can’t stand the heat as well. But I’m still living well,” she explained. When asked, “What’s in your recent playlist?” Winter then said, “I’ve been listening to a lot of background sounds lately. I hear the sound of fireflies, firewood, and nature a lot,” she replied.

karina winter

On the other hand, when asked, “What’s your favorite emoji?” Karina replied, “I often use black cat and heart and cry emojis,” while Winter said, “I bought the unlimited emoji package a few days ago. Now if I type the text, a related emoticon will appear. If I type ‘LOL’, there’s a smile emoji that looks like an old man, and I think I use it often,” she said.

The two were also asked, “Do you think you are pretty?” In response, Karina said, “It’s a difference in taste. I think there are a lot of likes and dislikes,” she said in a humble attitude. Winter then said, “No. I just use makeup to look pretty, just like everyone.”

aespa winter

When asked, “What’s your concern these days?” Winter said, “We’re doing the ‘Drama’ challenge these days, but since it’s the end of the year, everyone is so busy that they haven’t been able to do the challenge yet. “Please show a lot of love for ‘Drama’ and our challenge.”

Meanwhile, aespa’s fourth mini album, “Drama,” was released on November 10th.

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