BTS’s V Opens Up About Being a Fan of Yoo Seung-ho

BTS’s V and actor Yoo Seung-ho have met through ‘Running Man’ 

On SBS’s official channel, a video titled ‘Yoo Seung-ho X V Running Man Special Encounter Behind Interview’ was released on November 30th.

In a previous episode of SBS’s ‘Running Man,’ HaHa mentioned that BTS’s V was contacted and promised to appear on ‘Running Man.’

Yoo Seung-ho also expressed interest in appearing on ‘Running Man,’ saying he might be more scared of V than HaHa. 

V and Yoo Seung-ho participated in the ‘Running Man’ recording on November 20th. In an interview, V asked Yoo Seung-ho how he felt about the news of the two of them guesting on ‘Running Man’ together. Yoo Seung-ho expressed excitement, with V responding, “I’m a fan of yours.”

Yoo Seung-ho asked V if HaHa is still his favorite member, but V said Yang Se-chan.

bts v yoo seung ho

V then asked Yoo Seung-ho about his favorite ‘Running Man’ member, and he chose HaHa. Yoo Seung-ho asked if V thinks he can do better in the race, to which V humbly pledged to do his best.

Yoo Seung-ho is friends with BTS’s Jin. V asked if there are BTS songs Yoo Seung-ho enjoys, and he mentioned listening to most of them, thanks to Jin. He apologized as he hasn’t checked out V’s new solo song but promised to listen soon.

When Yoo Seung-ho asked for variety tips, V modestly shared his limited experience. V revealed he has been a fan of Yoo Seung-ho since the actor’s early TV appearances.

Both V and Yoo Seung-ho expressed their admiration for each other.

Source: daum

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