aespa to Drop 1st Full Album after 4 Years, Double Title Songs “Supernova” &“Armageddon”

After 4 years of debut, girl group aespa is finally releasing their 1st full-length album with 2 title tracks. 

On May 13, aespa will unveil their on of their 2 title tracks, “Supernova”, from their 1st full album “Armageddon” through various music sites. After that, on the 27th, the girl group will release a total of 10 songs spanning energetic hip-hop, bright and lively dance tracks, rhythmic modern pop, and ballads, including another title track “Armageddon.” 

As a result, anticipation for the enthusiastic response from global music fans is high.

aespa album

This album is particularly significant as it is aespa’s 1st full album in four years since their debut, filled with aespa’s deepened musical world and messages. It promises to encapsulate aespa’s concept and identity with a well-made work that goes beyond the real world and digital world, expanding into the multi-universe aespa universe Season 2 narrative.

Additionally, on the 22nd at midnight, an INTRO video teasing the release of “Armageddon” was unveiled on aespa’s official YouTube channel, along with an updated promotional website, further intensifying curiosity about the content to be revealed in the future.

aespa made a powerful debut in 2020 with “Black Mamba” and continued to achieve consecutive multi-hits with “Next Level,” “Savage,” “Spicy,” “Drama,” establishing themselves as global hitmakers. As a result, expectations are high for their performance with this upcoming full-length album.

Source: Daum

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