aespa Members Enjoy Solving Math Problems During Leisure Time

Jaejae was shocked to know that aespa members enjoy studying as their hobbies

On November 23rd, the YouTube channel “MMTG” released a new video featuring the MC Jaejae’s interview with girl group aespa

aespa wintter

Jaejae met with Karina before the interview and prepared for the interview. As soon as Jaeja saw other aespa members, she asked, “I heard the rules of your dorm have changed”. Winter said, “We can’t follow the ‘eat together unconditionally’ rule. It’s hard to do that because we have our individual schedules”.

Winter’s acting ability in the recently released video was also mentioned. In response, aespa shared, “We’ve never received acting lessons”. The members also discussed their habits when watching K-dramas.


Karina and Winter also talked about their new hobbies. Karina said, “When I and Winter are bored, we take out our math workbooks and solve them”. Winter added, “It’s hard but fun. It makes me feel like I’m in a study room. I recently bought a sudoku book and a coloring book.”

Winter also said, “I want to take the college entrance exam. I also want to get a certificate in Korean history”. Hearing that, Ningning said, “I want to take the Korean proficiency test”, revealing her healthy hobby.


Jaejae smiled and commented, “The members are so healthy. That makes me feel so bad about myself.” 

Giselle then added that she recently taught Karina how to ride a bike. Karina said, “Giselle gave me a lesson on riding a bike. She was very frustrated with me. When we ride a bike for the first time, there’s often someone else holding a bike for us, right? She just told me to ride no matter what.”

Source: Daum

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