The tap scene from NewJeans’ “Ditto” was almost removed? A hilarious reason

Director Shin Woo Seok, who directed the MV for NewJeans’ pre-release single “Ditto”, revealed a funny behind-the-scenes story.

On December 21st, director Shin Woo Seok of “DOLPHINERS FILM”, who is behind the production of NewJeans’ “Ditto” MV, posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption, “The reason why the water tap scene was almost deleted.”

newjeans ditto

The post shows the “water tap” scene from the MV of NewJeans’ latest song “Ditto”. In particular, in the scene, two characters meet while drinking at the water tap, and draws excitement from viewers. 

However, the following photo reveals employees of “DOLPHINERS FILM” acting out the tap scene in advance in the office, whilst Shin Woo Seok looks fondly (?) at them. The atmosphere is not at all similar to the sweet scene, and Shin Woo Seok’s expressionless face and posture attracts attention. 

newjeans ditto

Netizens who saw the photos left delightful responses, such as “Is this how they plan the MV? This makes the MV even more amazing?”, “They really tested it out among themselves?”, and “I’m wheezing so hard right now”

shin woo seok

On the other hand, NewJeans’ new song “Ditto”, which was released on December 19th, has been gaining great popularity and topping major Korean music charts. 

Source: wikitree

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