“Actual age difference” revealed by a husband who was criticized because of his “super young” wife

A couple who have been married for 17 years was envied by many for their newlyweds-like daily life.

However, some netizens poured out malicious comments saying that the difference in the couple’s appearance is too big. This hurt the husband, whose look was disparaged for no reason.

In the end, when there were comments such as “Isn’t it embarrassing to live with a daughter-like young girl?” and “Look like father and daughter“, the man complained of resentment by revealing the actual age difference with his wife.

The couple

On Jan 17th (local time), the online media outlet “eva” reported the story of a man who was cursed at by people for no reason because of his super young wife.

Wang, who lives in Shaanxi Province, China, recently posted some photos of his married life with his wife on SNS, drawing attention from many.

However, the attention soon turned to ridicule and malicious comments.

This is because netizens, who do not even know Wang and his wife well, accused him of being a heinous criminal who married a daughter-like young girl and terrorized Wang with malicious comments.

The couple

Netizens criticized Wang with comments such as “Father and daughter?“, “At least 20 years apart. Are you really lovers?” and “It’s such a waste for the woman.

In the photos, unlike Wang, who has wrinkles on his face, his wife is showing off her youthful beauty with firm, milky-white skin.

Unlike the attractive wife, netizens who saw Wang, who exudes a middle-aged atmosphere, criticized the two’s age difference.

The couple

In the end, Wang revealed the actual age difference, “I was born in 1979, 45 years old this year. My wife was born in 1987 and is 37 years old this year.

Wang refuted those who doubted the couple’s love, “We’re 8 years apart, but my wife looks so young, so I look much older. We’ve been married for 17 years.

Regarding Wang, who complained of resentment by disclosing the age difference, many netizens showed reactions such as “Your wife is really super young” and “I’m sorry for misunderstanding.

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