Actress Known For Cool And Sexy Image Looks Pure And Innocent In New Movie Still Cuts

Still cuts from the movie “Single in Seoul” have recently been released

The production team of the movie “Single in Seoul,” which is praised as a romance movie suitable to watch at the end of the year, has recently released some still cuts of “Writer Hong” (Esom’s character).

The movie “Single in Seoul” is a well-made realistic romance production about a powerful influencer “Young-ho,” who likes to be alone, and “Hyun-jin,” the editor of a publishing company who doesn’t want to be alone, making a book about single life.


The still released this time is drawing attention as it contains the fresh and innocent looks of the character “Writer Hong” (Esom). First of all, “Writer Hong” in a hotel uniform before her success as a writer looks pure and innocent, contrasting the current urban and sophisticated image she has.


In addition, her listening to music while staring faintly somewhere brings back the atmosphere of first love.

Meanwhile, the movie “Single in Seoul” is mesmerizing viewers all over Korea at the moment.

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