Actress Kim Seon Ah released a new photo of the late Sulli 

Actress Kim Seon Ah, who missed Sulli (Choi Jinri), released a photo of the idol-actress while she was still alive.

On October 28th, actress Kim Seon Ah posted a photo of Sulli while the idol-actress was still alive through her cat’s Instagram account.

In particular, the actress posted the photo, which features Sulli and a cat, with the caption, “Thank you for coming to my dream today, I love you always!”


The cat in the photo was originally raised by Sulli while she was alive. However, as the idol-actress passed away three years ago, Kim Seon Ah has been taking care of it..

In the photo, Sulli is staring at the camera in a relaxed manner without showing any signs of nervousness or awkwardness. The cat is also sleeping with its eyes closed, creating a strange sense of serenity and peace.

kim seon ah

Afterwards, Kim Seon Ah left a separate comment saying, “I’m glad that you look happy in my dreams”, making it even more touching.


Sulli passed away on October 14, 2019 at the age of 25. She participated in a broadcast recording until the day before her death and showed her bright side even then.

Source: wikitree

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