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Actor Lee Joo-seung “I got slapped 100 times and my jaw became dislocated… I cried alone in the bathroom”

Actor Lee Joo-seung talked about the difficulties he faced while playing villains.

On MBC’s “Radio Star“, which aired on August 3rd, Lee Joo-seung revealed that most of the roles in his 15-year career were villains.

lee joo seung

On this day, Lee Joo-seung said, “I played a lot of secretive or killer-like roles in independent films. Once there was a scene where I was tortured. In the past, there was no martial arts director when filming independent films. They asked me if I could get slapped, and I said yes.”

lee joo seung

He explained, “In the middle of winter, I had to go into ice water and get slapped 20 times while tied up. However, I was hit more than 100 times due to NG. My body froze and I felt so emotional that I said ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ then cried a lot there.”

lee joo seung

He added, “After coming back from the bathroom, I got hit 20 more times and my jaw became dislocated. If I chew Stir-fried Cartilage, my jaw will hurt. I can’t even eat Grilled Pork Belly.”

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