Actor Kim Young Jae as Song Joong Ki’s father in “Reborn Rich”, who was not interested in Sunyang Family but steps forward to help his son

Kim Young Jae shows his soft but charismatic side as Jin Do Joon’s father in “Reborn Rich”, signaling his moves to help his son.

On December 16th, Kim Young Jae’s agency UL Entertainment released several behind-the-scenes cuts of Kim Young Jae, who is starring in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” as the fourth child in Sunyang Family Jin Yoon Ki, on their official SNS account.

Jin Yoon Ki played by Kim Young Jae is the CEO of a film production company. He soon realized that he could never become one with Sunyang Family and did not even care about them because he was born out of wedlock.

kim young jae reborn rich

Jin Yoon Ki is a loving, friendly, gentle father and husband who is always considerate of people around him and takes good care of his family and wife. From the first time he appeared in the drama, this character impressed viewers with his warm personality and casual appearance among the people of Sunyang. Jin Yoon Ki is arousing viewers’ interest in his chemistry with Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki).

Amid drama fans’ high expectations for Kim Young Jae have risen as he previously showed his wide acting spectrum through various works and characters of different genres, the actor drew attention with his appearances when completely immersing himself in the character Jin Yoon Ki in the recently released behind-the-scenes photos.

kim young jae reborn rich

The behind pictures show several scenes of Jin Yoon Ki in the drama, such as when he attends his father’s birthday celebration, his visit to New York to import movies, and the moment when he inherited Sunyang Medical Center from Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) and got angry after knowing his son Jin Do Joon is the major shareholder of Miracle Investment. Kim Young Jae proves his extraordinary charm by captivating viewers with his warm eyes while portraying the soft but charismatic appearance of Jin Yoon Ki.

Kim Young Jae always smiled brightly and brightened up the atmosphere at the filming set, but as soon as the shooting began, he immediately immersed himself in Jin Yoon Ki, drawing admiration for his diverse facial expressions and professional performances.

Lee Sung Min

In particular, amid the fierce battle for the succession of Sunyang Group in a recent episode, Jin Yoon Ki showed his power as the director of Sunyang Medical Center, which he already gave to his son Jin Do Joon. He shouted at Sunyang people in front of the emergency room door and kept them away from Jin Yang Chul, who was hospitalized after a car accident. 

In addition, as Jin Do Joon asked him to take care of himself, Jin Yoon Ki decided to leave everything to his son and started to silently help Jin Do Joon from behind, making viewers curious about the two’s chemistry in the next episodes. 

Source: Daum

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