A TWICE member experiences wardrobe malfunction onstage during “Ready To Be” World Tour

TWICE Momo had to keep her outfit in place during a stage performance at TWICE’s 5th World Tour “Ready To Be”.

Recently, a video recording of TWICE’s “Moonlight Sunrise” performance at the “Ready To Be” World Tour went viral online. In the video, TWICE Momo was seen struggling with her stage outfit. Specifically, the back zipper of Momo’s top started undoing on its own.

As the incident occurred, Momo kept a calm expression while holding the back of her top and attempted to finish the dance. Nonetheless, TWICE’s leader Jihyo told Momo to go to the backstage area instead and get help with the outfit.

On another occasion, when TWICE was rehearsing for the performance at FINA Super Concert in Gwangju, Momo experienced another wardrobe malfunction and had to carry out dance moves with one hand while holding her outfit together with the other.


This is not the first time Momo experienced wardrobe malfunctions onstage. At the time of debut with “LIKE OOH-AHH”, Momo’s tank top also became undone from behind. Aware of the situation, the main dancer had to grip the top from the back and carried out the rest of the dance moves keeping a bright smile.

Whatever the situation, Momo kept the highest level of professionalism, gaining much love from fans.

Source: K14 

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