Mega Coffee Has A Busy Day After ‘Model’ Son Heung-min Reconciled With Lee Kang-in

Mega Coffee part-timers will have a hard day following Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in’s reconciliation

On February 21st, Lee Kang-in released an apology to Son Heung-min on Instagram and the National Football Team’s leader also replied with a post about their reconciliation. Lee Kang-in reportedly visited Son Heung-min in person to make a sincere apology. Son Heung-min not only accepted Lee Kang-in’s apology but also asked his fans to refrain from criticizing the junior player.

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As a result, netizens left supportive comments for the two on their Instagram posts. The public is happy to see the conflict end with a heartwarming reconciliation and football fans who criticized Lee Kang-in are less angry. 

In particular, people are showing more respect for Son Heung-min, who generously forgives the mistake of his junior and protects him as a captain. Some commented on Son Heung-min’s SNS, saying “Sonny is such a great person. He’s so generous and caring. God Heung-min”, “As expected, our wonderful captain Sonny. I’ll always support you”, “I’m so proud that South Korea has a captain like you”, “I’m always rooting for you, captain Sonny”, etc.

While everyone is celebrating the end of the National Football Team conflict, part-timers at Mega Coffee, the coffee brand modeled by Son Heung-min, are having a hard time. On SNS and online communities, many people are already making posts saying they want to buy Mega Coffee as fans of Son Heung-min.

In theqoo, netizens commented, “I hope Mega Coffee part-timers are okay today…”, “Mega Coffee staff may get scolded a lot today”, “Let’s drink Mega Coffee and support him”, “I’m going to order three drinks by myself”, “I’ll drink and support Son Heung-min. GOAT”, “I’m on my way to Megaㅋㅋ”, “I’m planning to buy one on my way home from work”, “Wait for me. I’m going to show my support by drinking Mega”, “Let’s go”, “My company already ordered Mega coffee”, etc.

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SKT has just released SKT limited T-membership coupons (50% discount) today so the number of customers is expected to rise significantly.

Earlier on the 6th, Mega Coffee part-timers posted some photos on social media and complained about “dishwashing hell”. After Son Heung-min scored a goal in the game, many fans visited Mega Coffee to buy drinks. Mega’s collaboration event with Son Heung-min, which provides free drink coupons on the new menu for the Asian Cup is among the reasons.

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