A talented Girls Planet 999’s contestant who used to appear in BTS’s trailer, is now in danger of being eliminated

Kim Bora, a contestant of Girls Planet 999 is attracting a lot of attention. She is in the dangerous group of the show although she has a terrific vocal

Girls Planet 999 is now the center of attention of many Kpop fans. After the end of episode 3, the station has released fancams of each contestant that will be broadcast on episode 4 next week. This action was originally to create fairness in voting for cells (groups) because the voting closing date will take place after episode 4 ends.

In particular, the clip of Kim Bora on The Fifth Season (Oh My Girl) stage has drawn a lot of attention among the demo fancams for next week since her vocals are so excellent and captivating.

Kim Bora has a sweet and clear voice that suits the song “The Fifth Season”. In particular, her high note is the highlight of the exam with a very smooth and stable high note. It can be seen that Bora is one of the candidates with the best vocals in this year’s contestant level. 

The audience couldn’t help but be surprised and praise her on her amazing high notes:

The best high notes so far, the smoothest of all the songs.

Looking forward to this team’s performance because of Bora so much. Her high notes are a perfect match with “The Fifth Season.”

Bora raised her voice, and suddenly the song was perfect. She reached that high note so easily and confidently smiled and laughed.

She’s so amazing; I don’t get bored listening to it over and over again; she’s not my bias but I really admire her. She’s too much of a waste not to debut like this.

Stop pushing others with no talent. We need a stable main vocal like that!

This girl raised her voice to save the performance. Oh my god, the others sing really bad.

In addition, the clip of Bora covering the song ‘Don’t Go Today’ from 2019 is also going viral on TikTok. With her professional performance and excellent vocals, she conquered the most difficult high notes without being “too much.” This little girl has successfully shown everyone her top-notch ability and talent.


Kim Bora is inherently not a strange face to the Kpop fan community. She is the main vocalist of Cherry Bullet, which debuted in 2019. Bora also appeared in BTS’s trailer for LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel, which was published in 2017.

Bora’s cell, however, is presently ranked 19th and is at risk of being eliminated from the competition, despite the audience’s praise for her vocal skills. The girls must be in the top 17 to be able to remain in the safe zone. It will be a pity if Kim Bora is eliminated.

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