Lim Ji Yeon earns praise with new drama role after ‘The Glory’ Yeon Jin: What about Jae Joon and Sara? 

Actress Lim Ji Yeon has succeeded in her acting transformation in ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden.’ 

In Genie TV’s original drama ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden,’ Lim Ji Yeon is playing Chu Sang Eun, a pregnant woman who suffers from poverty and violence. She encounters a woman named Moon Joo Ran (Kim Tae Hee) who lives a life opposite to Sang Eun’s, leading to a turning point in her life.

In the second episode of ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’ that aired on June 20th, Sang Eun’s husband, who was involved in domestic violence against her, dies.

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The scene of Sang Eun devouring Chinese food after her husband’s death has received praise for how Lim Ji Yeon vividly expresses the sense of liberation from the harsh reality of being a pregnant woman and escaping from domestic violence. Lim Ji Yeon reportedly ate four servings of black bean noodles when filming this scene.

Lim Ji Yeon gained a strong impression by playing Park Yeon Jin, a perpetrator of school violence, in Netflix’s drama ‘The Glory’ released in December last year. 


As her previous drama was a huge hit, there were concerns about Lim Ji Yeon’s next project, but she perfectly embodied a character completely different from Park Yeon Jin.

At the press conference for ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’ held earlier, Lim Ji Yeon expressed her wish, “I’m grateful to have heard a lot of viewers’ comments about them finding out about me through my previous drama (‘The Glory’). I hope you can say that you have made a new discovery after watching ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’.”

With the news of Lim Ji Yeon’s successful acting transformation, attention is focused on the actors who showed outstanding performances alongside Park Yeon Jin in ‘The Glory’.

park sung hoon

Currently, Park Sung Hoon, who played Jeon Jae Joon in ‘The Glory,’ and Kim Hieora, who played Lee Sara, are preparing for their upcoming projects.

Park Sung Hoon will be starring alongside Choi Soo Young in the Genie TV drama ‘Strangers,’ which will be released on July 17. ‘Strangers’ follows a lively mother and her straightforward daughter living an extravagant life. Park Sung Hoon plays Police Officer Eun Jae Won. 

kim hieora

Kim Hieora will make her return through tvN’s drama ‘The Uncanny Counter 2,’ which will be released on July 29. ‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ is a thrilling hero drama where demon hunters fight against evil spirits on Earth. Kim Hieora takes on the role of a demon.

Source: Daum

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