A newlywed female entertainer revealed how uncomfortable she was reading an article about divorce

Newlywed Ahn Young-mi expressed her unpleasant feelings about the title of an article that used the word “divorce” to talk about her.

On Sep 7th, Ahn Young-mi drew attention by releasing a photo of an Internet article on her SNS along with a caption saying, “Isn’t the title of this reporter’s article too much? We are still newlyweds thou.”

The mentioned reporter of that article was trying to attract viewers by mentioning Ahn Young-mi and her husband along with the provocative word “reason for divorce.” Ahn Young-mi expressed her unpleasant feelings about the title of the article by exposing the reporter’s real name and their media. Fans show their enthusiastic reactions to her post, saying, “Yes, that’s too much,” “That reporter went too far,” and “This article is ridiculous.”

ahn young mi

Ahn Young-mi got married in 2020 after registering her marriage with her husband, an office worker in the United States. She surprised everyone as she belatedly revealed this fact.

The two reportedly met as guests and listeners on a radio program and started dating each other.

ahn young mi

At the time of their wedding announcement, Ahn Young-mi said, “I don’t like my husband to be revealed or for him to meet people around me,” adding, “He really looks like Kim Gu-ra. Just think of Kim Gu-ra’s face with a beard on it. Even his psychopathic and rational aspects are similar to him. I have both a Kim Gu-ra at home and at work,” she said, making everyone laugh.

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