A lot of female K-pop idols have plastic surgery, finding a natural beauty is as difficult?

Kang Hana’s reveal about the beauty of K-pop female idols to Japanese audiences has received a lot of criticism.

According to Daily Sports, female journalist and entertainer Kang Hanna appeared on the show “Tokumori Yoshimoto” of a Japanese television station. Here, she shared the truth about Koreans and their obsession with plastic surgery.

Kang Hanna said, “I believe that 99 out of 100 celebrities in Korea have plastic surgery.” Her revelation shocked the Japanese audience. Kang Hanna continued, “I have many friends who are Korean celebrities and every time I meet them, their visuals have somehow changed. When I look at their faces, they feel quite embarrassed. However most people won’t admit to having cutlery.”


Kang Hanna also mentioned the rampant cutlery in the K-POP idol world. Usually, each group will have a completely natural face: “A beauty that doesn’t undergo plastic surgery will become famous. She’s natural, that’s why and that type of idol usually has lots of aegyo”.

This fact has shocked many people. Koreans have a great obsession with their appearance and going to beauty centers is something really normal. There are many people who are willing to work hard just to pay for a surgery. K-pop is a harsh environment and a good appearance is what an idol must have. Maybe that’s why the status of K-pop idols getting plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular.

A lot of female K-pop idols have plastic surgery, finding a natural beauty is as difficult as 'finding a needle in a haystack'?

Korean netizens felt angry because of her somewhat frank, not afraid to criticize comments of her. Mainly because it’s a Japanese show: “Does she have to act like that on a Japanese show? She doesn’t even respect her country”, “Stay in Japan okay!”, “She’s so hungry for attention that she’s willing to sell her umbilical cord vegetables for cheap”, “Yeah, let’s just say it’s true, why would she say that on a Japanese show right?”, etc… Many people demanded the expulsion of Kang Hanna from Korea.

Source: tinnhac

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