Source Music was rejected when trying to apply for trademarks of “GFRIEND” and “G-Friends”

Fans are very angry as Source Music is trying to usurp GFRIEND’s brand.

Recently, some netizens noticed that Source Music was trying to register trademark rights for “GFRIEND” and “G-Friends”. However, the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPRIS) rejected the application. 

Specifically, on July 15, KIPRIS rejected application for both ‘GFRIEND’ & ‘G-Friends’ as a trademark. According to KIPRIS, “The trademark may cause confusion & affect the group image as it’s the English equivalent of 6 member group ‘여자친구’, which is recognised by consumers”

This information made GFRIEND fans extremely angry given that the girl group had previously been forced to disband for no apparent reason. The members didn’t even know the date the group would disband until this information was reported by the media. If Source Music’s copyright application is approved, it will be very difficult for the 6 girls to reunite as GFRIEND in the future.

G-Friend Source Music

Meanwhile, after the disbandment, 3 GFRIEND members SinB, Eunha and Umji formed a new group called VIVIZ. Yuju has also joined Kang Daniel’s agency, KONNECT Entertainment. On the other hand, Yerin and Sowon have debuted as actresses. 

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