A Korean woman who appeared on Chinese news went viral for taking off her mask

A Korean woman appearing on Chinese news is drawing attention.

Recently, an article titled “Korean Mask Girl Appearing on Chinese News” was posted on various Korean online communities.

Korean Mask Girl
Korean Mask Girl

In the post, there is a picture of a Korean woman who appeared on CCTV2 news in China. After showing her mask and mask strap, the woman also demonstrated wearing them.

However, Korean netizens seem to focus on her beauty, instead of the contents of the broadcast. That’s because her visuals are comparable to that of an idol.

Korean Mask Girl

Netizens commented, “Really pretty”, “I thought she was a celebrity”, “She can debut as an idol right away”, “Your face is really pretty”, “You are pretty even with a mask on”, and “I was stunned by her smile”. 

Source: wikitree

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