A former girl group member draws attention by revealing a hot kiss scene with her husband

ChoA (Heo Min-jin), a former member of the girl group Crayon Pop, shared the sweet daily life moment she had with her husband.

On May 2nd, ChoA uploaded a video on her Instagram along with the caption, “Sunset kiss. We took it only once but it happened to be in the right place. We were really surprised after filming it”.


The released video shows ChoA and her husband enjoying their belated honeymoon in the Maldives. The two are seen sharing a kiss soon after drinking wine in a pool with a view looking to the sea. 


The picturesque background and romantic atmosphere of the newlyweds caught the eyes of netizens.


Seeing this post, another member of Crayon Pop – Way, who is younger than ChoA, commented, “I’m not jealous at all”, drawing laughter. In addition, comedian Lee Se-young also left a comment, saying, “This is crazy. Oh goddess”, while Lee Ji-hoon said, “So amazing”. 


ChoA married her husband, a businessman who is 6 years older than her, in December last year. After delaying their honeymoon due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the two recently left for the Maldives.

ChoA debuted as a member of Crayon Pop with the mini-album ‘CRAYON POP 1ST MINI ALBUM’ in 2012. The girl group made their name known with the mega-hit song “Bar Bar Bar”. ChoA is currently working as a musical artist. 

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