A 75-year-old fan sent a handwritten letter to the writer of “The Red Sleeve”, “I feel like I’m back to my 20s”

The handwritten letter sent from 75-year-old grandmother to the writer of “The Red Sleeve” is drawing keen attention.

Several photos that appeared to be handwritten letters were recently posted on the viewers’ bulletin board of MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve”.

The Red Sleeve

Introducing herself as a 75-year-old grandmother, a viewer said, “I was so excited and my heart was fluttered by each drama scene to the point that I couldn’t express how I felt for a long time.”

She continued, “There were times when I stayed excited all day watching the drama. Friends around even teased me, asking whether I had been returning to my 20s. I also wondered why my heart kept getting excited like that. I couldn’t hold back that feeling. I like books and sometimes sit at the table and write poems.”

The Red Sleeve

The fan then added, “Writer, thank you for making me happy and excited like that. Please continue to write more good scripts in the future.”

In response to the letter, the bulletin board admin replied, “Writer Jung Hae-ri was really touched by this handwritten letter when I showed it to her. She asked me to thank you for your encouragement. Thank you very much.”

The Red Sleeve

Meanwhile, MBC’s drama “The Red Sleeve” tells about a sad romance of a king, who prioritizes his country before love, and a court lady, who wants to protect the life she has chosen.

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