A 3rd Generation K-Pop Idol Participated in “Squid Game: The Challenge”

A 3rd generation K-pop idol has been revealed to be a participant in the Netflix reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge”

In 2021, the Netflix K-drama “Squid Game” was released, immediately becoming a global sensation and one of Netflix’s most-watched series of all time. 

The drama has since been confirmed for a 2nd season, but not before it gets a reality show adaptation via Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge”. 

In particular, “Squid Game: The Challenge”, which was officially released on November 22, introduces 456 contestants who compete to win 4.56 million USD, the largest prize in history for a TV show. 

The show also includes faithful reproductions of various elements from “Squid Game”, including the dalgona game and the signature bright-colored set.

However, among various notable details from “Squid Game: The Challenge”, keen-eyed K-pop fans have paid attention to a participant, who turns out to be a 3rd generation K-pop idol.

Joel Jay Lane-squid game

This idol’s name is Joel Jay Lane, who is also known as Jay and debuted in 2014 with the group BTL. Nowadays, he co-host the podcast “Korean Cowboys” alongside fellow K-Pop Idol NU’EST’s Aron. 

“I can finally announce that I have joined the Squid Game universe as Player 375 in “Squid Game: The Challenge”. I am so blessed to have been able to represent Korea in the most successful Netflix brand of all time. It was an amazing opportunity and I hope you all enjoy the work we all put into making this amazing show. Check it out on Netflix!”, Joel wrote on Instagram after “Squid Game: The Challenge” was released.

Source: Koreaboo, Instagram

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